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A Winter Wonderland Survival Guide for Your Garden

As the crisp air of winter begins to settle in, garden lover, or home owners are bracing themselves for the inevitable challenge that frost presents to their cherished outdoor spaces. Winter's icy grasp need not signal the end of your garden's vitality. Instead, it's an opportunity to show your plants a little extra care and attention during the cooler months, ensuring they emerge resilient and vibrant when spring arrives.

So, how do you navigate the frosty labyrinth of Canadian winters and guarantee a flourishing garden in the seasons to come?

The answer lies in a few strategic measures that begin with providing your beloved plants some much-needed TLC!

1. Know the Forecast

When it comes to garden maintenance, you have to be proactive. Stay up to date with the forecast in your area to find out when frost will hit and check the weather forecasts daily once the colder temperatures arrive.

2. Get to Know Your Plants

Plants react differently to various levels of freeze. Most plants will suffer damage when the temperatures drop to below –4C for several hours. Between –4C and –2C is considered a hard frost and can kill root-hardy perennials if it lasts for several hours.

3. Cover Your Plants

After determining what plants need protection, head to your local garden centre to stock up on burlap for wrapping. The idea is to build a tent over the plant while not letting the cover actually touch the plant. Remember, air still needs to be able to circulate around it. Finally, weigh down the sides so they don’t blow open.

And that's it!

By incorporating these steps into your garden care routine, you'll not only shield your plants from the unforgiving frost but also set the stage for a vibrant and lush landscape when the warmth of spring returns. Winter may be a challenging adversary, but armed with knowledge and care, your garden can emerge triumphant, showcasing the resilience of nature against the cold embrace of winter.




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