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How to reno your home to accommodate your pets

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

How to make your home pet-friendly

We all love our pets but sometimes we don’t love the wear and tear they can have on our home, our furnishings and outdoor space. If you plan on renovating your home and you have a pet, or are planning to get one, you may want to consider some pet-friendly design options. Planning ahead can go a long way in minimizing pet damage while also keeping your pet safe.

Here are a few tips to help make your home more pet-friendly:

Avoid carpet flooring Carpets can gather dirt and stains like no other. Many pets shed, and some may feel the occasional need to relieve themselves in the wrong place. Plus, animals can easily tip over glasses and plates with their tails while exploring tabletops. Avoid a time-consuming and potentially expensive clean-up, and opt for durable and easy-to-clean flooring like laminate, vinyl, stone, or ceramic.

Get washable, wipeable furnishings When it comes to your couch and other furniture, choose fabrics and textures that are less of a magnet for pet fur and, if necessary, are somewhat claw-resistant. Consider certain types of synthetic fibres that can be more resistant to damage. You may also want to apply a protective layer of wipeable paint… just in case you end up with paw prints on your walls.

Design a ‘pet pad’ As a way to minimize mess and not give the impression that you have a Tasmanian devil for a pet, consider setting up a designated play area for your furry friend. Retrofit a small portion of your home with a comfy bed, bowls for food and water, a storage bin for toys, and scratch pads. If they feel like they have their own space, it may keep your pets from spreading toys around the house and taking things from other rooms. This can also help contain any potential messes to one area of your home… preferably one that has durable floors.

Safety-proof your yard

When designing your outdoor space make sure to plant only pet-friendly flowers and plants in your garden, avoiding toxic vegetation like tulips, lilies and certain kinds of mulch. Provide your pet with an outdoor shelter and some shade for hot summer days. Ensure you build a sturdy fence around the yard to prevent skunks, raccoons and other critters from setting up shop on your property, damaging it and potentially harming or disturbing your furry friend.

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