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Transforming Your Living Space into a Magazine-Style Haven

Updated: May 21

In the realm of interior design, the influence of texture is undeniable, and the latest trend takes it to a bolder level, offering a luxurious yet cozy ambiance to your living space. Inviting fabrics like boucle, felt, matte velvet, and natural linen pave the way for a warm winter retreat.

Transform your living space into a magazine-style haven.

To effortlessly infuse this tactile trend into your home, consider the art of mix-and-match pillows—combine rich leather with crocheted lumbar pillows for an Instagram-worthy look.

Join us on a journey to redefine comfort and style as we explore creative ways to immerse your home in this modern, sensory-driven design craze.

Bold Comfort: Mix-and-match pillows in bold patterns and textures create an inviting space.

Texture has always had an influence on interior design. Today’s trending fabrics are bolder and make more of a statement than ever before, adding a luxurious yet cosy feel to any living space.

Inviting textures such as boucle, felt, matte velvet and natural linen is a great way to embrace this latest design craze while creating the comforting feeling we all crave in the winter months.

If you’re looking to level up your design motif this winter, here are some creative ways to embrace this sensory-driven trend for a modern, livable home.

Mix-and-Match Pillows

Layering pillows is an effortless way to add texture without having to break the bank on large furniture items. Create an Instagram-worthy look by combining rich leather cushions with crocheted lumbar pillows. Embrace shams with varying textures and elaborate fringe. Better yet, add a boucle pouf to the floor for a piece that can double as extra seating.

Layer Rugs

Rugs are one of the easiest ways to transform the look of a room. Natural fibres like jute and sisal are fantastic options for high-traffic areas. Plus, their neutral colours will stand up to your changing décor. You can also add an elaborate area rug to rooms that are already carpeted. An ornamental rug under a bed frame or a braided mat under a coffee table can really elevate a space.

Embrace Textured Art

Three-dimensional art is trending. Artists are increasingly mixing mediums to create sculpture-inspired wall art to make a modern statement. The best part? These pieces can be easily DIY’d using drywall mud, a framed canvas, and a palette knife set.

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